Date 2021
Technique Monotype
Price $4,900.00
Exhibitor Center Street Studio
Contact the Exhibitor 617-821-5458
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, artists could not come to Center Street Studio to collaborate on their prints with Master Printer James Stroud, so new techniques had to be deployed that would allow projects to continue. One of these techniques was watercolor monotype. Denril vellum ‘plates’ coated to accept wet media, along with solutions of watercolor, were sent to Linnenbrink to work with in the privacy of his own studio. The artist painted directly on the vellum with watercolor and allowed them to dry completely. They were then sent back to CSS where they were passed through the press with damp paper under very high pressure to reconstitute the watercolor transferring the image from plate to paper. Unlike traditional watercolor on paper, painting on the plastic vellums affords the artist tremendous flexibility in developing the image.