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Book of Days 1

Date 2021
Technique Monotype
Price $3,200.00
Exhibitor Center Street Studio
Contact the Exhibitor 617-821-5458
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The Book of Days series of watercolor monotypes applies geometric patterns as a form of cryptography using invisible systems of colored points and paths. Most of the print patterns are determined by the numerology of their creation date. The colors and points are informed by esoteric correspondence tables from the Renaissance, while the weaving of lines encrypts the elemental glyph of the day. The systems are not meant to be decoded, but experienced as a transmission of abstract resonances.Additionally, glitches and irregularities spotlight moments in the pattern when repetition gives way to novelty and imperfection. Thus, mathematics and time provide an invisible structure for chromatic entanglements to yield unexpected rhythms.

Laurel Sparks
August 2021

This watercolor monotype was printed on Hahnemühle Copperlate paper and measures 29 x 22 inches (sheet), 23.75 x 18.5 inches (image). The price listed here is for the framed print. Unframed prints from this series are $2500.