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Date 1920
Technique Drypoint, Etching
Price $850.00
Exhibitor Allinson Gallery Inc.
Contact the Exhibitor 860-429-2322
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Soup. 1920. Drypoint. Appleby 65. 9 x 8 1/8 (sheet 15 x 11 9/16). Edition 100. Illustrated: Print Collector's Quarterly 13 (1926): 85. Signed in pencil. $850.

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Edmund Blampied, RBA RE (1886-1966) is one of the most significant artists to have hailed from the Channel Islands. Greatly versatile, he worked as a painter, illustrator, and occasional sculptor, though is best remembered as a printmaker and, especially, an etcher. Having been born on a farm, he produced some particularly evocative etchings of agricultural and peasant subjects. Their fluidity of line, strong sense of humanity and Gallic humor suggest a kinship with Daumier and Gavarni.

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