Date 1984
Technique Aquatint, Drypoint, Etching, Embossed
Price Sold
Exhibitor Armstrong Fine Art
Contact the Exhibitor 312.404.2004
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Clematite (original French title)

Embossed color aquatint and drypoint on wove paper.
The “BAT” impression.  The abbreviation stands for “Bon à tirer” in French: good to print.  It is basically the impression held by the printer (in this case also the artist, who printed all of her own editions) used as a reference for the printing of the rest of the edition.  Edition unknown.
Signed, dated, and annotated in pencil.
Plate size: 10 1/8 x6 5/8 inches.

Thanks to her work alongside Paul Collin and Johnny Friedlaender, both accomplished printmakers, Yannick Ballif (1927-2009) became and extremely skilled printmaker.  Saturated colors are used throughout Ballif’s printed oeuvre, generally in juxtaposition with the white of the paper or with black lines.  At times she used color inks throughout most of her composition and sometimes black dominates.  Inspired by Japanese drawings, her work exudes peace and quiet.  Her subject matters focus on flora, water and rocky outcrops.  While she did at times become almost abstract, she decidedly excelled at delineating the shapes of her subjects.