Ann Chernow is an American artist born in 1936 in New York City.  She spent a good part of her younger years in the city before moving to Flushing at the age of 10.  In her early years, music, a passion for her mother, was the art form with which Chernow was most occupied.  But thanks to early lessons at the Mermorial Art Gallery in Rochester, and later thanks to a formal fine arts education at Syracuse University, and later New York University, Chernow grew into a fine artist and received a Master of Arts in 1969.  Inspired mostly by images from films created before World War II, Chernow is primarily a printmaker.  While she also draws and paints, the nostalgia found in her compositions is enhanced by the often harshly lit compositions she creates mostly monochromatically in lithography, screenprinting, and etching.  Women, with a vague allure of stardom, and often dressed to impress, dominate her oeuvre.

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