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Date 1928
Technique Etching
Price $4,500.00
Exhibitor Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts
Contact the Exhibitor 617.610.7173
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Marsh, Reginald. BOWERY. S.54. Etching, 1928.

A proof, one of only four, from the 5th State of 7. This proof is numbered "9" (there was one proof in each of the first three states, three proofs in State 4, four proofs in State 5 (Nos. 7-10), one proof in State 6, and about 17 in State 7. As working proofs such as this were not signed by Marsh, but were retained for his records, and remained in his estate at the time of his death, this proof was signed by his widow, Felicia Marsh, in accordance with her usual practice "Reginald Marsh (F.M.M.)."

6 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches, 159 x 146 mm. (plate), 10 1/8 x 7 5/8 inches (sheet).

A beautiful impression with plate tone and selective wiping, and with ink finger smudges at the lower edge of the sheet.

In addition, although not noted by Sasowsky, this proof appears "touched," a term Sasowsky uses to describe proofs with work added by Marsh to the proof by hand; there is what looks like gray wash added to the men's clothing and to the background.


This was one of Marsh's early etchings. He made his first etching in 1926, this is his 23rd, and he went on to make about 180 more between 1928 and 1951. Preceding this etching there are portraits, burlesque scenes, railroad trains, and city skylines, but, along with the lithograph "The Bowery" also from 1928, this is the first of many street scenes picturing New Yorkers going about their daily activities.