Charles MAURIN

Stylistically speaking, Charles Maurin (1856-1914) can be considering quite conservative.  While many of his piers were exaggerating sinuous lines, such as in symbolism, or pushing angular lines in early cubist tendencies, Maurin stuck to a fairly neoclassical, realistic style.  This does not however mean that he was predictable.  Focused almost exclusively on renderings of modern life, the evolving role of women and children in modern society was particularly close to his heart.  It seems that his anarchistic tendencies played a role in this.  As a printmaker he started by depicting Montmartre in black and white etchings, but soon turned to color printmaking.  Maurin was one of the first artists to design color etchings made or multiple plates.  He eventually became one of France’s most accomplished practitioners of color aquatint.

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