They come in ones or in twos; rarely do they show up in crowds. That is how birds and people are depicted in the work of Chloe Alexander. The solitude of the individual or gentle play of a duo seems to be the way she likes to depict both humans and birds. Anchored by printmaking, using silkscreen mostly, the artist layers her images with ink and paint, both to add line and color. The results are variations in which we can barely make out what was deposited on the sheet of paper by a matrix, and what was rendered freehand. The selection Alexander chose to present this summer is focused on birds which could just as easily be people. From the raucous raven depicted playful at times, and sometimes quite serious, to the hawk majestically staring into the distance, her compositions invite us to read into the story. Inspired by children’s illustrations her imagery reflects on our individual perception of the world and the perception of others of us. And sometimes a puppet-master hand looms, questioning whether it might not all just be a game.

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