As a painter and lithographer, Ella Fillmore Lillie (née Fillmore, Minneapolis, MN 1884 - Clearwater, FL 1973) had a gift for capturing everyday life. Her lithographs depict landscapes and people across North and Central America and are infused with a soft, round quality that makes her imagery slightly surreal. She is known to have travelled to Mexico and as far as Panama City, likely with her husband.  Her style is subtly her own and it lends a valuable female perspective to American art of the 1930s-1960s. Her wide audience appeal contributed to her inclusion in many exhibitions during this lifetime, and her artworks is well represented in many major collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.  While she may have retired in Florida, she seems to have lived or have vacationed for many years in or near Wallingford, a small town in a rural part of Vermont.  Her lithographic output is estimated to be around 200 works.

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