Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) was born in Switzerland, but settled in France in 1882.  While he would go back to his native country on occasion, his adoptive country became his home.  He was a member of the Nabis group, which met at Académie Julian in the 1880s.  Like most of its members he forged his own path and developed his own style.  Vallotton was a prolific painter, with scenes of intimacy, nudes and still lives dominating early on, and many landscapes painted particularly later in his life.  He also created beautiful woodcuts, which are in a very distinct personal style; both elegantly refined and naïve.  In many of these negative space, both black and white, dominates.  These woodcuts, mostly created before the end of the century, have always been very collectible.  Fine examples can be expensive, depending on the popularity of the subject.  Small editions of a large number of his blocks were printed by his family posthumously.  They are generally every bit as attractive as the lifetime editions, and tend to cost quite a bit less.

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