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7Y7R7B IV + 7Y7R7G IV

Date 2017
Technique Woodcut
Price $7,500.00
Exhibitor Center Street Studio
Contact the Exhibitor 617-821-5458
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This unique color woodcut diptych, printed in colors from 7 blocks is by French public space artist Eltono. The artist was in the US in 2017 working on a commissioned mural for the global marketing company IDEO in Cambridge, MA when master printer and publisher invited him to the studio to work on a print project during his stay. The result was a series of 4 diptychs printed on two sheets each, all variations on the same systematically applied theme. Each pair was framed in two separate frames which are included in the price. This is the last available pair. The prints, in their frames, measure 45 x 34 inches each making the pair 45 x 70 inches on the wall.