Jacques VILLON

Jacques Villon (1875-1963) deserves a long biography, but suffice it to say that from the middle of the 1890s to his death he made art.  Villon is today probably better known as a printmaker than a painter, even though oil, like copper, was very much his media.   He first shone during the Belle Epoque years, creating amazingly complex color etching, painterly masterpieces, often exuberant with color.  But he didn’t stand still, and applied his linear talents to cubism as early as 1909.  These drypoints and etchings are any bit as important and attractive as the cubist compositions of Pablo Picasso.  Villon is also remembered for his amazing color aquatints, after his contemporaries, and for his painterly cubistic compositions, which became his “brand” in the latter years of his life.

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