Krishna REDDY

Krishna Reddy (1925-2018) was born in the province of Andhra Pradesh India.  He studied art from 1941 to 1946 in West Bengal with Nandalal Bose, before himself becoming a teacher from 1947 to 1949.  That year Reddy moved to London to study sculpture under Henry Moore; he then moved on to Paris in 1950, where he met Constantin Brancusi, Ossip Zadkine (with who he also studied) and Stanley William Hayter.  With Bill Hayter a longstanding working collaboration ensued.  Reddy was a strong participant in the development of color viscosity printmaking, also known as simultaneous color printing, for which Atelier 17, Hayter’s collaborative print shop is mostly known today.  In 1976 Reddy moved to the United States with his wife, artist Judy Blum Reddy.  His studio was located in New York’s Soho neighborhood. Krishna Reddy’s prints, intaglio mostly, are composed of abstract energy.  While certain shapes, or tangents, can evoke elements of reality, his works primarily seem to convey energy.  In many prints the energy currents are strong and dynamic, while in others it is at rest, contained.  Colors are all over the map; at times hues are vibrantly colorful, here complementary, there dissonant; while at other times colors are subdued, layered or simply muted.  In all instances, Reddy’s prints are sculptural, seemingly poised to escape their two-dimensional realities.

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