Maurice TAQUOY

Born in the Marne region, Maurice Taquoy (1878-1952) spent much of his life in and around Paris, mostly in elegant company and at horse racing tracks.  When summer came Taquoy would make excursions to other racing venues, such as Deauville, where his services as program illustrator were valued.  And while his biotope was mostly that of the wealthy elite of the capital, Taquoy clearly relished witnessing fox hunts in the country when extended an invitation.  Artistically he was inclined to drawing on paper, in color, mixing pencil, pen, watercolor and gouache.  These drawings seem to have been ends in and of itself, but they were also used as preparation for illustrations, prints and paintings.  Taquoy illustrated prolifically, for publications such as Gazette du Bon Ton for instance.  He also created wonderful aquatints, in which his elegant art deco style shines and his use of bright saturated colors comes out in full force.

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