Mina Schutz PULSIFER

Born August 3rd 1897 and raised in Leavenworth County (KS) Wilhelmina Pulsifer, née Schutz, is known today mostly by her artist name, Mina Pulsifer.  Mina started her art studies at the Kansas City Art Institute but furthered her artistic education in San Diego, where she had moved in 1924, after her marriage to George Pulsifer, a West Point graduate and retired Major in the U.S. Army.  She first enrolled at the San Diego Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied under Eugene De Vol and Otto H. Schneider and later also studied independently under Nicolai Fechin and Frederick Taubes.  She became an active member of the San Diego Art Guild, even serving on the board as president in 1944.In the 1940s, Mina turned her attention to printmaking, lithography in particular; but she also made woodcuts. The Associated American Artists gallery in New York published three of her lithographs, which helped in giving her work national exposure.  Her prints are simply and the line is elegant, showing off her skilled draftsmanship.She died on February 14th 1989 in San Diego.  Somewhat surprisingly she is buried in Lansing, Kansas rather than California.  Ever more surprising is that her husband George, who passed away 19 year before she did, is buried there as well.  This suggests a deep attachment to Mina’s family ties in Lansing.

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