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Psychedelic Vision

Date 1969
Technique Aquatint, Etching
Price Inquire
Exhibitor Armstrong Fine Art
Contact the Exhibitor 312.404.2004
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Color aquatint and etching on wove paper.

Edition of 30. While this is the edition stated by the artist it looks unlikely that it was printed in full. All of Yoshida’s prints are scarce, including this one. 

This dreamlike invention is very much of its time in the acid-fueled post-Woodstock times. A frieze of faces inspired by Heinz Edelmann who drew the Yellow Submarine art for The Beatles sets the tone at the bottom of the composition. Above is an elegant assortment of plants, mythical faces, hands joining in harmony and erotic amalgam of semi-nude women and one bird-man incarnate the era of free love. A background of repeating bands of color places the action in an immaterial neverland. This is a fabulous artistic expression of the flower-power era. 

Interestingly, we had not found any trace of Yoshida making prints past 1963 when he was thought to have left Atelier 17 and Paris. This print proves the contrary but doesn’t clarify what happened to the artist past this time and where he may have lived or etched. 

Signed, titled, dated in pencil.
Plate size: 14 1/4 x 17 7/8 inches.