Religious Procession - Seville Spain

Date 1928
Technique Wood Engraving
Price $350.00
Exhibitor Marc Chabot Fine Arts
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Wood Engraving, 1928, Ed. 24/75, 9-7/16 x 7, initialed and dated in the block, and signed and numbered in pencil, some edge wrinkles at lower left margin edge, on thin cream laid japan paper 12-5/8 x 10-1/4. This Spanish pre-easter religious procession features members of the La Borraquita brotherhood who started wearing the pointed "capriotes" after the Spanish Inquisition of November 1st 1478. In Spain, Portugal, and Italy, these hoods signify pentients, or sinners who protect their identity while flagellating themselves to atone for their sins and seek forgiveness. Of course here in the USA we have the sad and horrid legacy of white supremacy and that letter repeated thrice to cast a shadow over our appreciation of this mystical ritual witnessed by Glintenkamp on his world travels nearly a century ago. His travels and prolific engraving begat his wordless picture novel "A Wanderer In Woodcuts". Aside from these "points", the giant effigy of Mother Mary carried aloft by this solemn procession from the darkened church interior illuminated by the radiant light of many candles makes for a mysterious and memorable print. Glintenkamp made a second wood engraving of this nocturnal procession making it's way slowly through the streets.