Winter Irises

Date 2012
Technique Aquatint, Etching, Hand Colored
Price $350.00
Exhibitor Warnock Fine Arts
Contact the Exhibitor 415-377-7438
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Medium: etching and aquatint
Edition of 30
Year: 2012
Image Size: 5.5" x 5.5 inches
Paper Size: 14" x 12.5 inches

Artist Statement:

The formality, ornamental qualities and boldness of botanical art have strongly informed the development of my work in recent times. This stems from my admiration for the patterns, line and simplicity of form found in Asian art. More recently, another element has been introduced, with the use of gold leaf on some of my etchings. Influenced by the extensive use of gold on Japanese folding screens, and in early Renaissance painting of the Sienese School in particular, it brings, I feel, a serene and contemplative quality to my work.