Venice from The Redentore

Date 1913
Technique Etching
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Exhibitor Marc Chabot Fine Arts
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Ernest D. Roth, Amer., (1879-1964),
Venice from the Redentore, Etching, 1913, Ed. possibly 75, 7-15/16 x 10-15/16, signed & dated in pencil; titled at the lower left margin edge, annotated 18 in lower right margin corner, on thin cream wove simili japan paper. A fine and fresh, crisply inked and wiped impression with an even veil of plate tone, the luminous simili japan paper adding suffused light to the sense of atmosphere, the delicacy of the moored boats rigging and architectural details of St. Marks and the Pallazzi adding a palpable sense of distance and monumentality. A beautiful impression of this great Venetian subject by Roth.