Warning or Delight?

Date 2016
Technique Woodcut, Relief, Woodblock Print
Price $975.00
Exhibitor Don Gorvett Gallery
Contact the Exhibitor 603-436-7278
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Warning or Delight? 

2016, Ruction woodcut, edition 20, image size 16 x 22 inches.

Red sky and waves is an eye-catching print that skirts the surfing motif.

ABOUT / Alex deConstant, born in 1964, is a seacoast New Hampshire artist whose graphic seascape imagery is channeled through the medium of color woodcuts. His North Hampton studio is located on the second floor of a 19th-century carriage house and is within walking distance to the granite beaches, reefs, and point breaks where he has surfed since his youth. Intimate knowledge of the New Hampshire coastline is where his inspiration begins. The rugged natural beauty and energy hold endless opportunities for subject matter. Alex's color reduction woodcuts are a direct observation of his experiences in and around the ocean. 

"Throughout my life, I have been drawn to the inherent graphic quality of the woodcut. To depict movement from an inert material, the wooden plank, and balance the elements of atmosphere and color is very challenging. The time-consuming technique of reduction woodcut is multi-faceted. Many levels of thoughtful planning and improvising result in the finished imageā€.

Alex's association with Don Gorvett Gallery was by invitation to work alongside master printmaker and artist Don Gorvett in his studio and gallery on Ceres Street in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 2007. His woodcuts are in the permanent print collection of the Boston Athenaeum, and private collections.