Auguste LEPERE

Augste Lepère (1849-1918) is the consummate 19th century painter-engraver.  Painting and drawing were always part of his life, and in particular in gouache, Lepère left us some beautiful compositions.  However, the matrix, both in wood and copper, was his happy place.  Starting a career as a reproductive wood engraver for dailies, Lepère quickly discovered that his talents were wasted on such mundane work.  From carving his own wood engravings, in black and white and in color, to woodcuts and etchings, Lepère never stopped.  All subjects were available to him, from the countryside, which he cherished, to the city, which is equally adored.  People, animals, trees and water, clouds and faces, streets and fashion: an affection for all aspects of life permeates Lepère’s enchanted prints.

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